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The easiest way to clear your debt loans is to seek advice from the debt settlement back end processing companies. You see, when cleaning up your credit score, you will be faced with some charged-off debts on your credit report. It is important to know what those charged-off debts are and how to deal with it properly. Charged-off debt occurs when the money owed to a creditor by an individual goes past due after the company tries to collect the debt repeatedly but fails to secure the payment. In this case the company will then “write off” the debt, which is considered to be income for the company and an asset.

According to the debt settlement back end processing companies, the charge-off is reported to credit agencies and ultimately this will make it harder for a consumer to secure approval of loans and other credit in the future. A charged-off debt will remain on a credit report for up to 7 years and the consumer is still obliged to pay the amount in full. However, once a debt goes into a charged-off status, this will accumulate penalties, interest, and other charges that can increase the balance significantly, making it even harder to repay.

Generally, by examining the contracts, you can find the details about charged off status in the tiny print on the initial contract signed in order to get the loan or credit line. Also, take note that even after the status of the loan has been changed to a charge-off, the original agreement and terms are still enforced and these are still the responsibility of the consumer. When the consumer decides to pay off the charged-off debt, they will need to find out what the statute of limitation is on the original debt based on their location. The statute of limitations ranges between a 3-6 year timeline and after that period it expires. After expiration, law states that the consumer is not longer required to repay the money owed.
Be aware though, even if the debt has passed the time of the statute of limitations, a debt collector can still legally come after you for the debt that you owe. Also, according to the debt settlement back end processing companies, the creditor can still attach interest and other penalties to the total amount due.

Depending on the applicable laws on debt loans in your location, creditors will attempt to garnish your wages, place a lien on your assets, or take other measures to recover the money you owe to them. If you decide to make payment arrangements, or agree to pay a certain amount of money, it is a very good idea to put everything in writing and signed by the creditors. Also, make sure that if the debt is considered paid in full, the negative mark must be removed completely from the credit report. If not, then you can sue the creditors in small claims courts for their failure to comply.

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