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Debt Settlement Affiliates – Your Way Out Of Debt

Debt settlement affiliates are slowly becoming popular as a means of settling debt. More and more people are seeking help from professionals and are now on their way to a successful and debt free life. To get started, below are some tips that you can try out to get the creditors off your back for good.

Tips and Tricks to a Debt Free Life

1. Get a hold of your credit report. See if all the debts that you owe are there. Also try to find the debts that you defaulted on. A good advice by the debt settlement back end processing people is to never pay debts that are not really hurting your credit rating.

2. When you’re in default never make a small payment just to make the collections agents shut up. The explanation of the debt settlement back end processing people is that creditors will still bug you since they figure that if you can pay once, you can pay again. Instead, just negotiate and make it clear that you don’t have enough money to meet all of the debts at once. Another good tip is that when you negotiate a debt settlement, you should provide the collection agency with a list of your other debts. If you have any medical problems or disability provide them with documents that will support this too. Wait for them to make the first proposal before you act. But remember, much, if not all, of the amount that you owe them is interest which they’ve been adding to your balance.

3. According to the debt settlement back end processing people the only way to remove the record of your default from your credit report is if there was an error. An error, however, can be defined in various ways. A good example is that there was a charge that was made in error, if a merchant failed to credit a return, a payment sent on time was not recorded on time. Remember, any mistake will be sufficient to permit the creditor to request that the default be removed from your credit report. The creditors will go along with you on this because they want you to pay them money.

Get them to put in writing that they will remove the record of your default from the credit report immediately upon receipt of your payment. You could then file charges at them in small claims court if they failed to go through with the agreement. Although there have yet to be any large scale court battles, statistics show that creditors live up to their end of the deal and remove any traces of the default.

If you follow these tips from debt settlement affiliates, you’ll be able to settle your debts for far less than you currently owe. In fact, you can clean up your credit report at the same time and with much less hassles.

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