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If you are at that point where collection agencies are calling and harassing you, then you should consider asking for help in legitimate debt settlement business companies. At this point, you are in a position where you can strike deal with a collector and get yourself out debt within a few months. Below are a few steps that you can follow to start the process.

How to Properly Deal With Collection Companies

1. Find out who is your account officer
The advice of debt settlement back end processing companies is to check your credit reports and call your credit companies to know who is handling your account. This is the first step and by calling them, the credit card companies will realize you are serious in getting out of debt and will deal with you more respectfully.

2. Ask them how much they are willing to offer
As a rule, do not make an offer outright. The collection agency bought your account for pennies on the dollar and they already have an idea on the most appropriate amount for the settlement. This will usually be as little as 30% of your debt.

3. Offer to make three monthly payments.
There is no company that is legally allowed to take more than three post-dated checks for a settlement. If you can get them to negotiate with you, the companies will try to make it an amount you can afford. Bargain first before you accept. See how low you can get them before you actually give an answer.

4. Always put every detail of the settlement things in writing.
This will be your only safeguard against the lenders if they fail to comply with the settlement. Another thing that the debt settlement back end processing companies warn is that if you do not get the settlement in writing, the collection agency may take your money and sell your account.

How to Deal With Your Open Credit Accounts
1. Call your creditors and ask them if it is possible to lower the interest rates.
It is a well known fact that creditors raise your rates. Ask the creditors to lower your rates and begin saving money on your monthly payments instantly. This will also come in handy when you want to pay up other debts.

2. If it is possible, you can ask creditors to raise your limit when you speak to them.
According to debt settlement business companies, 30% of your credit score is based on how much you owe. By raising your limit you are given a chance to consolidate all your debts onto one card.

3. Try to pay the card with the lowest balance first.
Normally, people will say to pay up the highest balances first. If you do this it will take a long time before you see any progress. But, by paying up the lowest balances, you can have a slight feeling of recovery.

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