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The benefits of consulting with debt settlement firms are great if you decide to settle your debt. However, you have to keep in mind that there are certain drawbacks to this. Majority of the benefits offered by credit repair companies fall into two categories. Either you can settle your debts yourself without the help of the company, or what they promise is deceptive and they can’t really provide what they claim they can do for you.

Cost is definitely something that should be considered when using a company to repair your credit score. Using the service of companies usually end you up spending a lot more than expected. Keep in mind that your intention to clear your debt is to avoid more financial disasters and not spend more. Hardly is the company’s most excellent option going to be to include another large bill, and the bill that you must pay first. The debt settlement company is not going to help you in getting out of your other debts and expect you to pay them later. They should get paid first. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of debt settlement a company might claim they can give you.

First, companies will say they will provide you with a copy of your present credit report with their service. The fact is, you are legally eligible to get a copy of your current credit report yourself, and it doesn’t need to cost you an extra cent to obtain it. The website approved by the Federal Trade Commission where you can obtain your current credit report is Second, companies will promise to repair your credit report errors. This can actually be done by yourself by directly contacting the credit bureau that issued the report where an error was found. Clearly state your complaint in your letter and the credit bureau will either dismiss the error from your credit report, or even if they find out that the charge is valid, they will include your note of mitigation about the particular item on your report for future reference. These are just several benefits of debt settlement if you repair your credit score by yourself.

One more thing companies claim is that they can remove damaging items that are not in error from your credit report. This would be downright dishonest if they could actually do it, but they typically can’t. Expect less-principled companies to give you hints that they know someone at that credit bureaus who can take care of business. Or they may tell you that they know some “tricks” to successfully contest even valid items. Another thing that companies will promise you is that you can start your credit sore with a clean slate using a new Employer Identification Number instead of your Social Security Number. Again, this is a dishonest move. Even if it worked before, this is considered as fraudulent. It wouldn’t be difficult for credit bureaus to match your debts to you just because you are using a new number, unless you will adapt a completely new identity, which will be more fraudulent. Never buy what these debt settlement firms say and don’t fall to such sweet talk. They won’t give you the benefits of debt settlement that they promise.

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