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Getting Rid of Debt

Getting Rid of Debt Through the Help of Debt Aid

Most people approach debt aid professionals only when they are getting rid of debt. But, the good thing is that here is still a solution to your debt problems. First and foremost, you should stop using your credit cards for your purchases. Although this seems easy enough, the problem is that most people are now hooked and can’t let go of their new found purchasing power. That is where the problem begins for you. The more people use their cards the more they are sucked into indebtedness since they can’t control what they are buying.

If you manage to stop using your cards, then good, the next logical step is to consult a debt aid professional for a plan of action. Normally, the advice of the professionals would be to write down on a piece of paper three rows and columns. You will then use the first column for the names of the credit card companies that you owe. The second column will be for the amount of monthly payments that you are making. The third will be used for the outstanding balcnes of each card. Now, what will do is arrange this in the order of smallest balance to the highest. So if you have like, 15 cards, then it should be arranged this way. If you are wondering why, the answer is because it is relatively easier to eliminate the debts that are low as compared to high balances. Normally, people will advice to pay off the higher balances, but, from a different perspective, it will take forever to pay up leaving the small balances to accumulate interest.

When you sit down with the debt aid professional, you should decide upon how much you are willing and able to pay to the creditors. The concept is that you will never get out of debt unless you pay a little more than your monthly payments. Say for example, if you have a balance of $20,000 and you are able to pay $500 for that, you won’t get the same satisfaction as you would by paying off an entire smaller balance. Paying off even a small balance keeps you motivated to move on to the next amount.

Now that you know what has to be done, the next logical advice when getting rid of debt will be to apply what you previously paid to the closed card to the next. This will ensure that the amount that you will be paying for the next cards will be much higher than what you are supposed to give. Repeat the procedure for each and every card until all the debt is extinguished. Any bonuses or overtime pay can also be used to pay off these accounts. If you are in doubt, don’t worry because process works and eventually you will be debt free. But, remember to never use your cards again unless in dire need or emergencies.

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Debt Rehab does not assume or pay any debt, nor does it give legal advice, offer credit repair, or help stop creditor & collector calls. Individual results may vary and are dependent on successful completion of program and ability to save funds.