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How do you pay debts? According to debt aid professionals, there are hundreds of people that throw away money on credit card payments every month. Now the question is, how much interest alone did you pay last month on your credit card purchases? At this point, you have to ask yourself, why are you really working? Is it for your family or to pay the credit card company?

Do you really want this kind of life?

If you consult the debt aid specialists, they will say that the first step in any debt management decision is to establish your budget. First thing to do is to write down your monthly take-home income. Now you should divide your expenses into two groups. The first group will be your monthly essentials: these include rent or mortgage payments, minimum payments in cards, utilities, taxes, transportation expenses, food, and anything else that you deem essential. The second pile is everything that is not so important yet you need to spend on.

If you find that the total of your two piles is less than your monthly take-home pay, don’t worry, you aren’t losing ground, but you aren’t doing great either. What if you suddenly had an accident or lost your job? How long do you think that you could continue to live the way you did before? The debt aid specialists will advice you that you should have enough savings to cover your existing expenses for at least two months. The sad thing is that most people only have savings that will last less than two weeks.

Controlling or eliminating credit card debt will suddenly free up extra money that you never knew you had. Now think about it, what could you do with an extra $20 a month? Just imagine how much credit card interest you are paying right now. But, there are still some cases where essentials on their own exceed the monthly take-home. In these cases, it is advised by debt aid specialists that whatever you do, never start borrowing too much to meet your needs. What you should do is to consult with the professionals on how to manage your expenses.

When you consult the debt aid professionals to pay debts, they will say that the first step is to identify and itemise all current credit card debts. You should also Write down the minimum payment required, and the interest rates. The next step is to review the other things pile of your expenses. You have to reduce it to the minimum. In short cut out all the unnecessary expenses until you fully recover. Now, your credit card balance and minimum payments are the gauging factor. If you can, cut all non-essentials for a month then pay off all the debt balances that you can manage. If you can’t, your target should be a reduction of about two to five times the total minimum payment. If you still can’t manage, double your minimum payments and further cut down on other expenses.

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