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For so many years I have been stuck in debt that almost amounted to $10,000. Now because of the settlement for debt, I’m not only debt free but I have also built a savings account. You clear your debts not only to be free from it but to also build something for yourself. Whenever my checkbook ledger used to hit zero balance, that meant I had absolutely no more money. Now whenever it hits 0$, it means that I still have over $3000 in my account because I have managed to build something for myself and this will be my extra when I need it. That is actually in addition to my savings and other investments so hopefully I would be able to help you to show you what worked for me and how I, with the help of debt settlement affiliate, managed to clear all my debts and build something for myself.

1. Consolidate your debt – because I had about $10,000 to pay in debt, and paying the interest over the limit fees every month, it came to a point where I realized I couldn’t do it. Debt settlement affiliate was able to help to get me out of debt in roughly 2 years. Creditors are going to be really persistent if you don’t pay and what would start as a small $500 limit will escalate over the years. Asking for help can be humbling but if it means getting yourself out of the rut that you’re in so you can start anew, a little blow to the pride can be tolerated.

2. Determine a budget – for every month of the year, I make a list. I have an income column and an expense column. Here’s the deal, if your income column is lower than your expense column, you will incur debt every single month. So after taking a long hard look at this and consulting a debt settlement affiliate, find out how you can adjust your expenses so that your income would be higher. Cut your expenses as rigidly as you can. When you have successfully done this, you can determine your budget. The trick here is to stick to it no matter what. If you have set aside $200 a month for groceries and in the last week you find that you already gathered as much as $180 in expenses, sacrifice on other things for the last week. Sticking to your budget takes character and determination. It is difficult yes, but it will take you out of debt.

3. Track your spending – you will be surprised to find out that the bulk of your expenses have something to do with the little things that aren’t even in your budget. Settlement for debt will tell you that tracking your spending is one of the best ways to keep to your budget. You should know where your money is going so you can properly allocate it to the expenses that matter. This is pivotal in your attempt to build a stronger character and mindset regarding your budget.

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