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Debt settlement processing in a legal way
Saturday, January 5th, 2013

Being in debt is one of the top causes of stress. The pressure that it gives the person can lead to frustration, despair, anxiety, and fear of the future. Sometimes, this is the reason why some of these people fall into the hands of frauds offering easy ways out.

With a lot of people needing debt settlement, debt relief programs have existed to offer that assistance that can help them out of their mounting debts.

However, people need to be careful in getting this solution because of the rampant scams victimizing those who are desperate to get out of debt. They should make sure that they get a legal debt settlement processing program to avoid encountering another financial distress.

There are lot of debt settlement processing companies that are legal and can be trusted. People just need to know some of the ways to identify them. Here are some of those ways to choose a legal company:

  • The company must be licensed to do business in your state.
  • Check to find any complaint against the company on the web.
  • It should not guarantee any outcome.
  • Look for the reviews or testimonials of their previous clients.

There are lots of legal debt settlement processing companies, like the Debt Rehab Inc. You should just check which one qualifies according to the mentioned guidelines above.

Bankruptcy and debt settlement processing as your options
Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Being employed and having a stable job do not guarantee that you will never be out of financial crisis. Even lots of wealthy people struggle with debts and declare bankrupt afterwards.

What solutions do you have if you are having a hard time settling your debts? Is it possible that you can save much from how much you owe and be out of debt in an easier way?


One of the ways through which you can get out of debt is filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can help you have a new start in life by stopping your lenders from harassing you, may it through phone calls or mails.

There are different kinds of bankruptcy and you just have to choose which one suits your situation best. Two of the most common forms of bankruptcy that may apply to you are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is basic liquidation. You will be handing your assets over to a trustee who will sell your possessions off and the profit will be used to settle your debts. Here are the advantages of choosing this form of bankruptcy:

  • Your principal balance is decreased.
  • The interest rate on your loan is also lowered.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy, on the other hand, is the restructuring of your debt settlement plan. You may have your interest rate or your payment itself decreased. Your new debt repayment structure will also be monitored by the court. Here are the benefits of this:

  • You do not have to sell your assets for the payment of your debt.
  • Your principal debt balance will also be trimmed.
  • The interest of your debt will also be reduced.

Debt settlement processing

You can find a settlement processing company that could work with your lender to decrease your payment amount to 40-60%.

There are lots of debt settlement companies, such as Debt Rehab, EFA Processing, and Debt Settlement Affiliates, that you can find in the U.S. Such a company provides debt settlement backend support, training, account monitoring, and other services that can help clients like you get out of debt.

Here are some of the benefits of this option:

  • Your interest will be reduced by your creditors.
  • Your principal balance will also be cut off.

Debts can bring too much stress into your life. By considering the options above, you may be able to free yourself from such burden.